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Day 31 – Final tally

Just a brief lunchtime walk. I spotted some snowdrops – perhaps a reminder that January (and therefore Janathon) is over and we are one step closer to spring.

Walk: 2.1 miles
Yoga: 20 minutes

And here is the final Janathon tally:

Run: 39.2 miles
Bike: 58.2 miles
Walk: 37.4 miles
Gym: 4 hrs 20 mins
Yoga: 5 hrs 20 mins
Swim: 2000 m
Barn dance : 1

I didn’t meet my goal of increasing my running due to hip trouble, but on a plus side I got into yoga and swimming.

I exercised every day. The weather wasn’t too shabby. Janathon was fun. Goodbye until next year! x


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Day 30 – Foggy day

Back to work today. I cycled to work and did a home visit by bike too. It was foggy but mild, that’s good enough for me.

Back home I did another day in the Yoga challenge with the lovely Adriene. Day 3.
I really enjoy it so far, much more than just doing hip and leg stretches. The exercises are gentle in some parts and quite challenging in others.

Bike ride: 14.6 miles
Yoga: 25 minutes

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Day 29 – The Pool (again) 


For variety I went back to the pool today. Because I’m still protective of my knee, I did less breast stroke and more front crawl. So far my legs seem fine.
There were only two lanes, and I found myself too fast for the slow lane and a bit slow for the fast lane. I opted for the  faster lane and made sure I waited at the ends to et the faster swimmers pass. It’s a little frustrating when you can’t swim at your own pace – but I expect it’s easier to let faster people pass than to find yourself stuck behind a slower swimmer.

I hope you like my arty locker shot.

Swimming: 1000 metres
Walk: 1 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes


Day 28 – Walk to the nature reserve 

Today I managed to persuade hubby to coming for a walk with me. We walked to the local nature reserve, which – until a couple of years ago – was a gravel pit.
We didn’t see many birds, but it was a nice walk anyway. Next time we’ll come prepare with binoculars and a bird identifier.

After returning home I signed up to Adriene’s 31 day Yoga challenge. Adriene is very young and sweet, and find everything “yummy”. I’m sure we’ll get on fine!

Walk: 4 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes

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Day 27 – Permanent Residence 

I have finally given up on Janathon exercises, decided to rest until my hip and knee feel better. I cancelled Bodypump today, but it didn’t stop me cycling to the post office to collect my long awaited permanent residence card. One small step towards securing my life in this country! 

Bike ride: 3.2 miles

Yoga: 20 minutes 

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Day 25 – Knee bursitis 

Grrr. Having been careful of my painful right hip (which seems to be better, by the way), I now have some mild pain in my right knee – especially when walking up or downstairs.
The symptoms (self diagnosed) sound like Pes Anserine Bursitis. Irritatingly, according to this article, it can be caused by running (which I have avoided) and swimming (which I have been doing in replacement of running!).
Now I’m feeling old. Perhaps my achy 50-year-old bones are not up to the Janathon challenge anymore! Or perhaps I’ve just pushed myself too much?

I found some simple and quick exercises to strengthen the knee:

Walk: 2.7 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes