One foot in front of the other

And off we go!


What a miserable day to start my first Janathon challenge!
I figured I’d be better off getting up early and staying dry than staying in bed and getting wet later.
So I rolled out of bed at 7.30 (it was time to let the chickens out anyway) and off I went.

I haven’t run for a few weeks, so I was pleased with keeping going for 3.25 miles in just over 32 minutes … and getting home just before it started to rain.

It was too gloomy to take pictures, but running along I streets I noticed that most Christmas decorations have already gone.
We only put our tree up on Christmas Eve and it will stay up until the 6th of January – so here is a little belated Christmas cheer.

xmas tree

Happy New Year! Keep those legs moving …!

Total running: 3.25 miles



2 thoughts on “And off we go!

  1. Fantastic, you’re doing Janathon – and you’ve already Jogged and Blogged. Superb. Looking forward to reading all about my Mo Sista’s running exploits. Last year it got extremely interesting as we had snow in Week 3. Good luck!

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