One foot in front of the other

Janathon day 4

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Although I much prefer running outdoors, on a miserable day like today I am glad for my gym membership.
And, to be honest, I quite like the geekery and statistics which come with running on a treadmill!

Here is a picture of the local gym on a sunnier day.My beautiful picture

The treadmills are positioned at the upstairs windows … so you can look out onto the playing field and it’s almost like being out there – except dry and air-conditioned.

It being the first Saturday in the New Year, it was rather busy and I was lucky to get onto a treadmill.
I cycled 2 miles to warm up and then ran 3.55 miles in 34 minutes (Pace 9:37 per mile).

And because I am feeling self-righteous, I am counting an extra mile for walking from home to the gym and back and for the cool-down.

Total running: 10.4 miles
Total walking : 4.5 miles
Total cycling: 2 miles


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