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Janathon day 5 – about running and parenting


I hadn’t planned on running today. More 20 minutes of gentle Yoga, or something of that kind …

But I woke up after a night of poor sleep.
19-year-old (nearly 20) daughter had gone for a rave with a Drum-and-Bass-DJ and spent the night with him. Now, you may think there is nothing to it and that’s perfectly normal. But until a couple of weeks ago same daughter did not drink or go out all night or spent the night with men unknown to us or even like Drum and Bass (what IS Drum and Bass???). So think is all scarily new to us. My parental world has been turned upside-down and the control freak in me will probably have to learn to take a backseat…

So I decided that an early morning run would be a welcome distraction from my parental angst.

I did the same run as I did on New Years day. The sun was just rising as I set off. Bright and sunny, which made a change from the recent rain we’ve had.
My beautiful picture

It was quite icy underfoot, which slowed me down quite a bit.

My beautiful picture

On the way home I found this little guy clamped behind somebody’s windshield wiper. I hope he finds his owner and will get thawed out!

My beautiful picture

3.3 miles in 34 minutes.

Spent the rest of the morning in church and took the Christmas decorations down when I got home.
Good-bye Christmas. Welcome gloomy, grey January …

Total running: 13.7 miles
Total walking : 4.5 miles
Total cycling: 2 miles


5 thoughts on “Janathon day 5 – about running and parenting

  1. Oh this parenting lark is not easy it and round every corner is a steep learning curve! Well done on your early morning run

  2. Feel for you on this. I really do. Big hugs xx

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