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Janathon day 6 – back to work and knitting for peace

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Today was my first day back at work since New Year’s Eve. I spent most of the morning trying to avoid eating any of these.

My beautiful picture

I lasted until after lunch, which I thought was not too bad. Then I succumbed to a few Chocolate Eclairs. Have I mentioned that Chocolate Eclairs are the reason I stayed in Britain? I mean, toffee with the chocolate on the inside … that’s genius!!

I am determined to go back to having regular walks when I am at work. Today I walked my lunch time walk, which covered in part the 10K Movember run, which joggett and I did back in November. I walked at a very fast pace and even broke into the occasional little jog.
2.1 miles in 29:15 minutes.

I spotted a few ducks on the canal and a Christmas tree on top of a boat.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

In the evening I joined a friend and the local knitting group in their quest to help knitting a 7-mile-scarf (in PINK) for Wool against Weapons.
It was rainy and windy, so we half considered getting a taxi for the 1.5 mile journey … and then decided that wasn’t very ‘activist’ thing to do.

So another 3 miles cycled today.

Here’s a picture of the motley knitting crew.

Total running: 13.7 miles
Total walking : 6.6 miles
Total cycling: 5 miles 


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