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Janathon day 7 – are Pringles breakfast?

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Inspired by my short bike ride yesterday evening I decided to cycle to work today. 3.5 miles one way … and I just made it before the rain came.

I didn’t have any breakfast – so by the time I got to work I felt very hungry and had a go at the Christmas left-overs. Cappuccino chocolates and Pringles – is that a bit like coffee and toast??

My beautiful picture

At lunch time I did my usual 2.1 mile walk. This time I walked together with a colleague. With all the chatting it took 12 minutes longer than yesterday.

I got back home at 16.40 and it was still not quite dark. Days are getting longer. Yay!

Total running: 13.7 miles
Total walking : 8.7 miles
Total cycling: 12 miles 


One thought on “Janathon day 7 – are Pringles breakfast?

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