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Janathon day 8 – why is nobody else eating the Christmas treats?


Following yesterday’s episode with the post-Christmas treats in the office, I decided to have a good and wholesome breakfast this morning to avoid a repeat of gorging myself on sweets and treats.
So I had a bowl of nice porridge which filled me up nicely … only to discover that that did very little to prevent me from eating just as much Christmas crap!

Apart from that today was a fairly uneventful day. I did the by now usual 2.1 mile walk at lunch time.
The fishermen were out in force along the Grand Union Canal.


No further exercise planned for the rest of the day – instead rehearsal with the church band this evening.

No work tomorrow, so it will definitely be a day for a run!

Total running: 13.7 miles
Total walking: 10.8 miles
Total cycling: 12 miles


4 thoughts on “Janathon day 8 – why is nobody else eating the Christmas treats?

  1. Looks like you’re getting a lot of exercise. Maybe I should hang out with you for awhile.

  2. The only way I know of to avoid the Xmas treats in the office is to go round the office giving them out to people and then leaving the remainder at the far end of the office (in my case, 2 floors down).

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