One foot in front of the other

Day 9 – throwing caution in the (head)wind

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This morning I had planned to trawl through some charity shops with hubby and afterwards to go for a run around the local lake. My left hip has been a bit achy for the last couple of days and I had not given it much thought – but after an hour of pottering through the charity shops it was so tight and painful that I decided to give up on the run.

Instead I went home and tried this Yoga exercise, which I found on Tub On The Run’s blog. I recommend it!

My hip felt so much better afterwards that I decided to go running after all.

Headwind. There’s another problem you don’t have on the treadmill. Give me a hill any time (at least what goes for a hill in these parts). At least they have an end, whereas headwind is just relentless!
I decided that it would be better to face the wind at the beginning of the run than at the end.

On my run I passed what’s surely a national icon!

My beautiful picture

The Concrete Cows. Over the years they have been stolen, cow-napped, decapitated and painted in various guises … and yet here they are, standing in the winter sun as if nothing can perturb them.

Proud to say that I managed 4.73 miles in 47:30 minutes. That’s my longest distance since November.
So far my hip feels fine. I made sure I had a good stretch when I got home – but I guess tomorrow will tell if I have overdone it …

Total running: 18.4 miles
Total walking: 10.8 miles
Total cycling: 12 miles
Total Yoga: 20 minutes


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