One foot in front of the other

Day 11 – painful hip


After my 5-mile run this morning, there is no denying it. My left hip is painful! Only during running and walking though. Now I have stretched and am sitting here, it seems fine. Should I be worried?

I wonder how many eager Janathoners obtain injuries by exercising too much too quickly?

Anyway, it was a nice morning and – doing my best to ignore the niggling hip – I enjoyed my run.


I went past the old Bradwell Windmill, which unfortunately is hidden by scaffolding at the moment.

My beautiful picture

I also spotted a robin, a chaffinch and two male blackbirds who were fighting . Running, blogging and birdwatching – all in one morning!

Total running: 23.5 miles
Total walking: 13.8 miles
Total cycling: 12 miles
Total Yoga: 40 minutes


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – painful hip

  1. Do you take glucosamine sulphate, when i up my mileage I start taking it, I find it helps. Great pics.

  2. No, I don’t. Will find out more about it. Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

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