One foot in front of the other

Janathon day 12 – new personal best


I had planned a quiet day with church, knitting and more Yoga – but in the end I summoned up the energy for another run. I’ll be working the next 4 days and might find it difficult to summon up the motivation for after-work evening runs.

Very pleased to report that I experienced no hip trouble – despite a couple of hills along the way and me pushing my speed. 3 miles in 28:07 minutes. That’s something of a record! Perhaps the cold weather and nizzly rain helped me push along.

Here is a picture. I am cheating slightly – although I did cross this bridge, the picture was taken a couple of days ago. Today’s view would have been much more grey and drizzly.


And here’s an article from the WalkJogRun blog on how to increase your running distance.

I think a coffee and some apple cake are in order!

Total running: 26.5 miles
Total walking: 14.8 miles
Total cycling: 12 miles
Total Yoga: 1 hr


5 thoughts on “Janathon day 12 – new personal best

  1. I love the walkjogrun app great for finding new routes

  2. Hope you hip stays happy!

  3. Cake will definitely help!

  4. well done!!

  5. I admire anyone who takes part in janathon. I value my rest days far too much. Sounds like you had a great time today though.

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