One foot in front of the other

Janathon day 15 – penniless


Today I cycled to work (7 miles).

At lunch time I did my usual 2.1 mile walk along the canal and took the opportunity to hand deliver a letter to one of our group homes on the way – thereby saving the NHS having to pay mileage or postage!

I realised that I had left my money at home, so whilst walking I searched the surroundings for any dropped coins. No success though! I thought of the 50p I found yesterday on the way to the shops. Unfortunately I had put them in the very same purse I had left at home today … it would have bought me a bread roll to go with my cup-a-soup (which luckily I have in my desk drawer). And perhaps even a tiny piece of chocolate.
Thank God for the few toffees which somebody had brought into the office and the two biscuits I had liberated at the morning’s meeting.

Here’s another Grand Union canal picture.



Half-way through Janathon and I have covered 70 miles, 30 of which I have run.
I did not set myself any particular targets before starting this challenge, but I am quite pleased so far.

Total running: 30.1 miles
Total walking: 20.9 miles
Total cycling: 19 miles
Total Yoga: 1 hr


3 thoughts on “Janathon day 15 – penniless

  1. Your totals are really impressive! I haven’t worked out how far I have gone yet, but it isn’t quite as far as yours I don’t think.

  2. I must work out my totals too. And prepare for disappointment!

    Hate when I forget to bring my packed lunch. And have to starve for the day.

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