One foot in front of the other

Janathon 18 – 6 miler


Yes, yes, YES!
This morning I managed a 6 miler. The longest I have run since November, so I am pleased with myself.

I faced the wind and the spitting rain and the hilly bits, and in return got fresh air, the sky, the odd glimpse of sunshine, fellow runners, walkers, dogs, swans, a brook, a lake and sometimes the wind behind me. Not such a bad deal!
I didn’t stop to take any pictures, because that almost inevitably would have meant glancing at my watch. I deliberately didn’t want to do that, because I just wanted to make the distance without feeling tempted to push myself or worry about speed, pace or style …

There would have been a couple a nice shots. One of at least a dozen seagulls sitting in line on a fence and a cluster of flowering snowdrops … but my little running camera wouldn’t have done them any justice anyway.

I managed the 6 miles in 1:01:16.

It occurs to me that I must be one of the least trendy runners around. My running bottoms are still the ones I bought when I started running 12 years ago or so. They are at least one size too big, baggy round the bottom and only hold up with the drawstring. The fabric is thin and shiny with wear.
I have a couple of fairly good running tops, but when I rains I resort to wearing hubby’s yellow cycling jacket. Again, it’s way too big for me and not breathable either.
My shoes are pretty good Nike runners, but they are pretty old too. In fact, I bought a new pair a year ago or so, but learned very quickly that it is much easier to keep one pair of running shoes for outdoors and one for the gym. So I kept my new pair for the gym and resurrected the old pair for outdoor running.
I guess if I keep it up after Janathon I could really invest in a new pair of outdoor running shoes.

My beautiful picture

I also tried the Runner’s World essential Yoga session for Runners.

I quite enjoyed it, but I think I prefer the Ekhart Yoga session. The Runner’s World seemed quite fast and assumed a certain amount of Yoga knowledge and experience.


Total running: 40.1 miles
Total walking: 28 miles
Total cycling: 21 miles
Total Yoga: 1 hr 25 minutes


8 thoughts on “Janathon 18 – 6 miler

  1. Thanks for posting the Runners World video – one for me to try out!

    Congrats on your 6 miler 🙂

  2. Well done on the 6 miles.

  3. You can run in unbreathable fabric? I`m not going to shell out for the breathable stuff but damned if I can suffer a run in plastic either. You`re proving though, that running`s cheap as chips. Just one of the reasons to love it.

    Congrats on shattering your six mile limit. Gotta do that myself some day soon!

    • Unbreathable fabric is terrible! You may be sheltered from the wet put side … but only get wet from sweat inside instead. So nothing gained at all.
      What do YOU wear when it rains then?

  4. Wohoo on the 6miles!

  5. You’re doing so well! Conversely I’m not I’m afraid. Don’t know what’s happened to me this January. xx

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