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Janathon 23 – lower back and pouring rain


For a few days my lower back has been niggling me. I blame my poor sleep patterns. I often don’t sleep well – mostly due to an overactive mind, work pressures (and sometimes a snoring husband). I then resort to sleeping on the sofa. And that’s not great for my back.

This morning I found this Ekhard yoga video with stretches for the lower back. Only 8 minutes long, but quite effective I thought.

Here is a picture of the moon rising over the houses.


Went for a 4 miler along the canal before I even had my second coffee.

Edit: That didn’t happen.

Had I not had the second coffee and gone out for my run when I said I was going to, I might not have gotten quite so wet – but it would have still caught  me on the way home. At least this way I was prepared for getting wet.
I don’t think I have ever ventured out in such heavy rain. I was soaked before I had finished my warm-up walk and even started running!

At the 1 mile point I had the chance to loop around, making it a less-than-2-mile-run … but since I had already drafted this blog and claimed that I “went for a 4 miler” I felt compelled to do just that and kept on running. We are all on the autistic spectrum somewhere (I’m not saying that in a dismissive way but in a factual way).

It was strangely liberating. Once you are properly wet it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Once your shoes are soaked you no longer have to avoid puddles.

I arrived back home in 39.44 and had to strip off by the back door. Warning to teenage son: “Mum is coming up the stairs butt naked!” (It seems only fair to warn him)

Total running: 47.1 miles
Total walking: 38.9 miles
Total cycling: 37 miles
Total Yoga: 1 hr 35 minutes


4 thoughts on “Janathon 23 – lower back and pouring rain

  1. Love warning to son! Best not to scar him for life! I think tomorrow my run will be like yours was today -v wet!

  2. Nice idea to draft a blog post to say what you’re going to do to help encourage yourself to achieve it.

  3. I went on a run like this last week. I have never, ever got so wet – it felt like my shoes had been placed in a bucket of water and used to scoop water out. You are right though – once wet, it really doesn’t matter.

  4. I agree, once you’re wet you’re wet so might as well stay out!

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