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Janathon day 25 – going the distance


I had another long run scheduled for this morning.

The route I had planned was inaccessible due to flooding, so I had to improvise and go a different route. The river is still running high, but apart from some mud and debris the path was fine for running.

Here is a picture of the old Iron Aqueduct …


… and one looking down from the aqueduct onto the river.


I kept running and running, without really being sure how far I had run. I was quite keen to get beyond 6 miles … perhaps even nearer 7 miles.
When I finally succumbed and looked at my watch, I had only done 55 minutes. Still well below 6 miles.
So I kept running …

When I reached home I had run for 1:09:20. I thought to myself that I must be VERY NEAR to 7 miles, so I ran around the block one more time, adding another 3:50 minutes. Overall distance 7.44 miles. My furthest distance ever!!
(Turns out I had almost exactly done 7 miles when I reached home, so I could have saved myself the run round the block)

Very pleased with myself. I would not have come this far if it wasn’t for Janathon!

On a slightly different note, hubby cooked a very delicious Jerusalem artichoke and kale gratin last night, courtesy to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. Jerusalem artichokes are not nicknamed ‘fartichokes’ for no reasons … so I fear I might be fairly antisocial for the rest of the weekend. Slightly worried about singing at the baptism service in church tomorrow morning … but hey!

Total running: 54.5 miles
Total walking: 38.9 miles
Total cycling: 41 miles
Total Yoga: 1 hr 35 minutes
Total Jhoom: 1 hr


7 thoughts on “Janathon day 25 – going the distance

  1. Well done on that long run. I hate looking down and seeing I have not run as far as my legs think, I have never gone further than I think-maybe this never happens!

  2. brilliant! you have done over half a half marathon 🙂

  3. Congrats on the distance. Have never seen the point of J artichokes myself (a pain to prepare cos so knobbly you peel half of them away, and not all that tasty IMHO, so side effects hardly worthwhile). But good luck at the baptism!

  4. Well done, great running today 🙂

  5. whoop whoop! Hate that feeling when you feel liked you’ve worked so hard but actually only done about 2 steps 😉

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