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Janathon day 28 – morning run and emotional mess


This morning I went for a run before work. I chose the same 3.27 mile run I did on my first day of Janathon. And shaved 40 second off last time.

My shins were feeling very tired and heavy today – which is strange because I haven’t done any running since my longish run on Saturday.
I went for a 2 mile walk in my new boots yesterday and also walked a lot of stairs. Could that be a cause for my achy shins?

My beautiful picture

On a different note, it is also worth mentioning the really wonderful support I got this morning from my manager and colleagues after my tough day at work yesterday – putting up with a fair amount of crying on my part in the process.
Never having fallen apart into a gibberish emotional mess at work in 24 years, it was quite a cathartic experience.  Perhaps I’ll do it again one day.

Total running: 57.8 miles
Total walking: 41.6 miles
Total cycling: 41 miles
Total Yoga: 2 hrs
Total Jhoom: 1 hr


5 thoughts on “Janathon day 28 – morning run and emotional mess

  1. Glad everyone was supportive. Absolutely walking in new boots would cause shin ache-in my opinion!

  2. Well done on taking 40 secs off your run. I agree with shazruns about the boots!

  3. Well done with your run! And my vote for achy shins goes to the new boots.

  4. Yay for understanding colleagues and YAY for time improvement. 🙂

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