One foot in front of the other

Jogathon 29 – rain and more rain


It rained all day – so I resorted to going to the gym after work.
I actually met a couple of friends and had a bit of gym chat, which was nice. I also learned not to turn me head whilst running on the treadmill!

I did 4 miles with a stretch of interval running for the middle 2 miles – 45 seconds at 7 mph, followed by 1:15 minutes at 6 mph. I ran 4.07 miles in 39 minutes (pace 9:34) and walked another 2 miles.

Due to the weather I have no pictures to share.
So I will leave you with this motivational quote from Life in the day of a runner. It’s hilariously untrue, because I can think of lots of people who don’t fit into either group … but it is kinda fun anyway!


I found a local running group and I am very tempted to give it a go. They run on Tuesday evenings, so it will be post-Janathon before I get the chance to try.
I like the idea of a local group, so I can just head out and meet them on foot. In my mind, having to get in the car to go running kind of defeats the object.

Total running: 61.9 miles
Total walking: 43.6 miles
Total cycling: 41 miles
Total Yoga: 2 hrs
Total Jhoom: 1 hr


2 thoughts on “Jogathon 29 – rain and more rain

  1. Oh go and let’s us all know how it went, don’t put it off for a year like I did!

  2. I second that! Go next Tuesday and then you’ll have a post-Janathon reason to blog!

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