One foot in front of the other

Little red hens



Mildly depressed about the lack of running and the weather forecast (more RAIN!), I am posting a chicken update instead.

Our three little red hens have kept us in eggs for nearly a year now. The disadvantage is that our garden now looks more like a farmyard/builder’s yard. But you can’t have everything

Hubby is forever improving the chicken mansion.
this time he has built a new coop for roosting with a new egg box (accessible from the outside).
We will put it to the test tonight!



3 thoughts on “Little red hens

  1. On the plus side you have a good excuse not to run while it is raining! I hope the swelling goes down quickly and you’re back on your feet soon.
    Cute chickens!

  2. Awww, you sure can`t beat Red Hens. We`re high output and low maintenance! I love your Chook House. I just might move in! 😉

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