One foot in front of the other

Shame-faced Junathon report


After a month of feeling guilty with each of your Junathon posts which dropped into my inbox, I can’t leave June without at least showing my face.

By the time Junathon had truly appeared on my radar I felt it was too late to get into the swing of it …

But I have enjoyed reading all your blogs and keeping up with your activities.  Well done you!!!

I could also mention that after a few months of being the happy owner of a (hand-me-down) smart phone I had to return to my boring old Nokia … and blogging simply isn’t the same without a handy phone-camera.


Anyway, it wasn’t lack of exercise which prevented me from joining this Junathon. I am particularly proud of having done a lot of cycling – a lot of it for work purposes.

I also ventured out with a local running group o couple of times, which was less scary than expected.

Here are my exercise stats for the month:

Swim 3.2K/ 2 miles
Walk 104K/ 64 miles
Bike 226K/ 140 miles
Run 60K/ 37 miles

Total 393.2K/ 263 miles


That’s all, ‘Thoners. I leave you with a few June pics.
Perhaps I’ll see you in January?


3 thoughts on “Shame-faced Junathon report

  1. Great mileage! and lovely photos 🙂 see you in January

  2. Amazing mileage for someone NOT doing Juneathon

  3. Great mileage, look forward to seeing you for Janathon! Lovely pics btw 🙂

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