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Back to the gym. Janathon Day 2


Today I went back to the gym. To be honest, I have missed it.
I like my local gym, which seems to attract a refreshingly diverse crowd of people – baggy-bottomed hoodied youths, middle-aged obese people, frighteningly sprightly elderly ladies, young girls in colour coordinated gym gear, the guy who wears an artificial leg… and everybody else in between.

I have eventually learned to appreciate the weight/resistance machines, especially since I am convinced that they have helped strengthening my dodgy knee.

I did 40 mins of weights and ran 5k on the treadmill in 29.19 mins. And here’s the proof.


In other news, I have managed to lose 2 lbs over the Christmas period and I am now back to the weight I like to be.
Although that’s good news, I am slightly haunted by all the Christmas chocolates I didn’t eat – and perhaps could have done…

Walk: 3k
Run: 5k
Weights: 40 mins


5 thoughts on “Back to the gym. Janathon Day 2

  1. Loosing weight over Christmas-awesome. Running 5k on a treadmill -awesome also

  2. Congratulations on losing weight over Christmas – very impressive effort!

  3. I think I may have found those 2lbs you lost over Christmas… Well done, very impressive!

  4. Love the picture you paint of your gym members.

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