One foot in front of the other

DIY. Janathon Day 3


Today my exercise consisted mostly of wielding a crowbar and shifting piles of rubble.
My lovely husband is a man who has great ideas and executes them beautifully. Problem is, he doesn’t really tell me about them. So a vague sounding “Perhaps we should open up the old fireplace?” mentioned a few weeks ago has, unbeknown to me, grown into a grand plan in his mind. And today was the day to start.
I must admit that it is starting to take shape and will look great with a multi fuel burner inside.


I sometimes wonder what it must be like to be a delicate female who doesn’t get roped into activities such as pushing cars, crawling under floorboards and knocking down old brickwork. I guess I’ll never know!
At least the gym membership is paying off!

Just before dark it stopped raining, so I ventured out for a walk. Now for some fish and chips…


DIY: 12 bags of rubble
Walk: 6 k


2 thoughts on “DIY. Janathon Day 3

  1. Would you really want to be a delicate female? Lack of endorphins may well be a problem?

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