One foot in front of the other

Foggy day. Janathon Day 4


What I love about Janathon is that it motivates me to go out when I  normally wouldn’t dream of it. Like today.

Freezing fog?? I mean! Why not stay indoors with a mug of hot chocolate and a good movie?
But it’s Janathon… so off I went.

This is what I headed out into.


‘Orrible, I hear you say.
But on closer inspection it was quite pretty.


And the cold meant that I kept up a good pace. 7.5 k at a pace of 5:51 mins/km. Perhaps all those treadmill runs are paying off. This is certainly a good pace for me for an outdoor run. 😀

Walk: 1k
Run: 7.5k


5 thoughts on “Foggy day. Janathon Day 4

  1. The cold certainly means you don’t get tempted to stop and have a walk.

  2. Great run! I like the cold it means I dawdle less.

  3. I love a frosty run, it means you can run on mud without sinking and everything is beautiful

  4. I always feel so virtuous when I have run in weather like that!

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