One foot in front of the other

Back to work. Janathon Day 5


Knowing what happens when people come back to work after the Christmas break I braced myself this year for the onslaught of biscuits, chocolates and sweets. I didn’t resist completely, but I didn’t embarrass myself totally either.
If anything, this year’s pile of goodies was worse than last year’s…


The weather wasn’t bad considering the time of year, neither wet nor icy, so I cycled to work. Unfortunately we haven’t yet transferred the lights onto my brand-new bike which I got for Christmas, so I went on my trusted old pink bike. I will miss you, old friend, even of you are heavy and clunky.


At lunch time I walked my usual walk, then bumped into a colleague and walked a bit further with her.

Walk 4k
Ride 12.5k


7 thoughts on “Back to work. Janathon Day 5

  1. It has served me well and I feel a bit guilty swapping it for a newer, better one..
    We have travelled a thousand miles together. Literally.

  2. Trusty old friends feel good to go back to. Any chance you can keep it as your back up? Now we need a pic of the shiny new one!!

  3. Gosh, I think I would have disgraced myself badly in front of that haul of food!

  4. I feel that way about trainers!

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