One foot in front of the other

More of the same. Janathon Day 6


Once a month I have to sit at the duty desk at work, taking duty calls. That means instead of working my usual 8-4, I have to cover duty from 9-5.
I always cycle on those days if I can, because although at the moment it means cycling home in the dark, I get to avoid being stuck in rush hour traffic. And that’s a bonus!

I didn’t manage my lunchtime walk, but I squeezed in 1k when I walked to the shops to buy lunch.

And here’s a pic to show that winter won’t last forever!


A new running group is starting on Tuesday evenings at my local gym, but I think I leave that for another week…

Walk 1k
Ride 12.5k


4 thoughts on “More of the same. Janathon Day 6

  1. A sign of spring, lovely

  2. Joining a running club kept me going – do it!

    • I’ve run with them in the summer a couple of times and they are a great bunch. I’m just more of a morning runner and they start not long after we have our dinner – so the timing isn’t great. Will think about it. 😃

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