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7 out of 7. Janathon Day 7

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Today I had a day of back-to-back meetings and home visits. Distances too great for the bicycle, so I had to take the car to work.

I tried to walk as much as possible. Instead of my usual lunch time walk I walked to the morning meeting and back (it was a beautifully bright and brisk day), and clocked up another 2 kilometres by leaving the car a distance ahead and walking a few hundred metres to my home visits.

Annoyingly I am having quite a back ache today. Don’t really know why. Perhaps lugging rubble has something to do with it?

So I am ending the day with 30 minutes Yoga for Back Pain, which made me realise just how tight my hips and legs are.

First 7 days of Janathon are already done. Well done, everybody! Keep it up! x

Walk: 6k
Yoga: 30 mins

Total stats week 1:
Walk: 25.5k
Run: 15.5k
Ride: 25k
Yoga: 30mins
Weights: 40mins


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