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Rainy day and back in the gym. Janathon Day 8 (and 50th blog post)



Today the weather war horrible. Rain, rain, RAIN!

I’m not working today and went to the gym as planned. In good January fashion the gym is beginning to be quite busy now.

I did my usual circuit on the weight/resistance machines and then went on the treadmill. For a laugh I tried the US Marine Fitness test – which is basically a times 3-mile-run. I added some hills to my run, which actually didn’t seem to count towards the score.
I ran 3 miles in 28:10, which put me at place 57/100 for my gender and age group. (That’s just above the average). If I try again I’ll just go for speed rather than incline.

In other news, I have finally managed to find out my log-in details for the Running Free site and have logged my exercises for the last 8 days. I feel official now. 🙂

Walk: 3k
Run: 5k (ish)
Weights: 30 mins


7 thoughts on “Rainy day and back in the gym. Janathon Day 8 (and 50th blog post)

  1. I haven’t braved the gym yet! I have been putting it off till the new year rush settles down

  2. I’m ashamed to say that i am one of those people clogging up the gym but only becuase i can’t run!

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