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Church, big lunch and finally the gym … Janathon Day 11


Sunday morning usually starts for me with church. Nice and gentle exercise – a 1/2 K walk and a circuit training of standing, sitting, kneeling and singing. Does that count towards Janathon?

Then we went for a 5-course-lunch at one of our local curry houses to celebrate the fact that our youngest has been offered a place at Merton College in Oxford to study physics. Proud mum moment.
He still has to get his A*AA grades, but doesn’t seem too perturbed by that.

Then I sat around, having to let aforementioned 5-course-meal go down. Eventually, after 4 pm I finally plucked up the energy to go to the gym. Did my usual routine on the weights and then 5K on the treadmill in 28:43 at an average pace of 5:44 mins/km.
Why am I so much faster on the treadmill than when running outdoors?

Walk: 3 K
Run: 5 K
Weights: 30 mins


3 thoughts on “Church, big lunch and finally the gym … Janathon Day 11

  1. Great day. You are faster on a treadmill because you have no option to slow down, no hills and no wind!

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