One foot in front of the other

A rainy day. Janathon Day 12


Today’s weather forecast was grim, so I brought my lunchtime walk forward to 10 am. I was in a different part of town and had a pleasant walk around one of our lakes before the rain set in. Here are some waterscapes.




By the time I got home from work it was dark.
Tomorrow evening I’m at a meeting, so between that and work I know it will be tricky to fit some real exercises in… so I felt at least a token run was needed this evening.

As I  popped to the shops for “a little something” for hubby, I took my running gear and went the long way back. 3K with a triple pack of Mars bars in my back pouch.
No distance to shout about, but I did a good pace of 5:53 mins/km. At least I can say I did!

Walk: 4K
Run: 3K
Yoga: 20 mins


9 thoughts on “A rainy day. Janathon Day 12

  1. I hope the hubby shared the Mars Bars! (Lovely photos too).

  2. I am not sure 3 miles earns a mars bar? 😉

  3. Triple pack of Mars bars eh?!!!!

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