One foot in front of the other

Keep going! Janathon Day 13


We have reached that midsection of the month, when Janathon doesn’t seem quite so exciting any more…
But I have to say that having made the Janathon commitment keeps me going.

I cycled to work this morning, although I had to come back home at lunchtime to pick up the car to get to a meeting too far away to cycle.
As an added bonus I was able to pick up some slates for our new fireplace which is coming on nicely.


Not much else to say. I am in a church meeting this evening, hoping to be back in time for the second part of Silent Witness. So no more exercise today.

But I did promise Fairweatherrunner a picture of my new bike. Here it is. 😀


Ride: 12K


3 thoughts on “Keep going! Janathon Day 13

  1. Well done. I am really itching to get out in the big open world…. I gave just had the go,ahead!

  2. ooh! nice bike 🙂

  3. Nice bike, lovely fireplace!!

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