One foot in front of the other

Love Life. Janathon Day 14


Two weeks done. Well done to all you Janathoners out there!

This morning I walked to my Wednesday meeting and came across this graffiti, which appears in various guises around town. I thought it appropriate to share with you all.
Love Life!

In the evening I tried the shopping/running combo again. This time I headed out for a run first, then stopped at the local Co-op and came back with a bag of frozen peas and a loaf of bread. An improvement on the triple pack of Mars bars, I guess.

Walk: 5K
Run: 3K

Total stats for week 2:
Walk: 20K
Run: 26K
Ride: 24K
Yoga: 20 mins
Weights: 60 mins


6 thoughts on “Love Life. Janathon Day 14

  1. great stats!

  2. Great Janathoning so far, well done 🙂

  3. I think I preferred the Mars Bars (great Janathon effort too!)

  4. I like it – a travelling ice pack!

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