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Double yolkers, a good omen? Janathon Day 16


Can you believe we are over halfway through Janathon? It seems to be going so quickly!
This is how the day started. Double yolkers from our own hens.double yolkers

I don’t work on Fridays, so I started the day with going to the gym. It was heaving! Most of the treadmills were in use and I had to be crafty to make it through the weight stations.

I decided to try the US marines running test again. I finished in 27:25 (28:07 on day 8), which bumped me up from position 57 to 61/100.

I ended the day with a trip to the allotment. I haven’t been since before Christmas, but the compost needed taking. Nothing much to see at the moment, but it will be glorious in the summer!
I brought back some of the stored beetroot for the evening meal.allotment january

Time to catch up with the recorded second part of Spiral, methinks.

Walk 4K
Weights 30mins
Run 5K


4 thoughts on “Double yolkers, a good omen? Janathon Day 16

  1. I love Spiral too! Haven’t watched any of the new eps yet, but really looking forward to them.

  2. I avoid all subtitled programs as i cannot sit without doung something. Congrats on beating your running time by so much time!

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