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Delivery by run. Janathon Day 18


Sunday morning usually means church. Next Sunday a group of us will run a service which feeds back from the Greenbelt festival, a Christian festival of arts, faith and justice which takes place at the August Bank Holiday weekend. Amongst other things we will raise the issue of LGBT rights, which may come as a bit of a challenge to some members of the congregation.
I am leading the service together with others, so I hope it will go well. You will probably hear more about it. 😀

As for exercise, this Janathon I am trying running as a mode of transport. A couple of times I have done some shopping whilst out on a run. Today I delivered one of my #ToriesMustGo beanies. FREE pattern here.


The delivery address was only a couple of kms away. As the path along the river is flooded in parts I played it safe and took the long route back along the Grand Union Canal. 7K at a pace of 5:56 mins/km which I am very pleased with.


Back to work tomorrow with a very cold night forecast.

Walk 2K
Run 7K


8 thoughts on “Delivery by run. Janathon Day 18

  1. Great to run along a canal and to run an errand too, multitasking at its finest.

  2. At least a hat is easy to carry.

  3. I’m one of the Greenbelt stewards. Hope your talk goes well.

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