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Grey, grey, GREY. Janathon Day 21


eeyoreI much prefer days that don’t include frost, ice and the risk of snow, but I must admit that those frosty days are often bright and sunny. Today was a grey and gloomy day.

I dropped a grumpy husband off at work, who was complaining about having to work outdoors in this weather. “It’s alright for you, you’ll sit in a warm office all day!” was also mentioned. I decided not to rise to it …

I walked to our weekly Wednesday meeting and later pottered to the shop. No sunny and bright pics today, but a found a few trees with faces. (I cheated slightly, the last one I spotted in the summer and not today. But it’s brilliant, isn’t it??)

Because this is the end of the third Janathon week I felt motivated to go out for an evening run. I was due a run anyway.

You know that feeling when you drag yourself out into the cold winter night, force your legs to start moving and reluctantly fall into a trot … and then, after a while, realise that you have become a perfect flow of breath, heartbeat, movement and free thought? You are in the zone and time and distance seem irrelevant! At least until your body starts complaining, your breath gets harder and your legs are aching.

Well, it wasn’t quite like that. But I do remember feeling like that once or twice before.

Walk 6K
Run 5K

Total stats for week 3:
Walk 21K

Run 17K
Ride 17K
Yoga 10 mins
Weights 30 mins


5 thoughts on “Grey, grey, GREY. Janathon Day 21

  1. Fab photo’s and well done on your run. Great stats for 3 weeks in 🙂

  2. love the photos

  3. Trees can be really haunting!

  4. Yes, I love those running moments too – they’re like a drug and the hope of it keeps us going back for more 😀

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