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More errands by running. Janathon Day 23


Today I took my errands by running strategy to new heights and ran further than I have ever done. I blame my husband!

I needed more wool and had planned to run to the wool shop, which is 3km away. 6km is a nice and manageable distance…
But then I wanted to buy ink cartridges for the printer too – and PC World is 5km in the other direction. Too far to run to both places, isn’t it? I decided to cycle.

But this morning started very cold and frosty at minus 3 Celsius… and I worry about skidding on ice on my bike.
So my husband suggested that I could run and switch to the bus, if needed. So I set off with my small running backpack.

The first leg was just under 5k – by which time I could shed my gloves and my feet were just warming up.
Ink cartridges purchased I continued on.
The second leg was longer and hillier and took me past the lake I have walked around a couple of times this Janathon.
I spotted a kingfisher with its bright blue back flashing brilliantly in the sunlight, and a flock of gulls walking on the water.

The second leg dragged on, but I made it. Decided that I would definitely take the bus home. Discussed the issue with the Sikh guy in the wool shop and an elderly lady customer with a double hip replacement. He suggested I should consider walking the rest of the way, she thought that not keeping running was cheating!
Having stopped at the café and fuelled by a large mug of hot chocolate and cream I decided to continue running.

15.15 K! That’s 9.4 miles and the furthest I have ever run! Half marathon next??

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Walk 1K
Run 15K


5 thoughts on “More errands by running. Janathon Day 23

  1. Wahoo. Go you. It must be true when they say that once you get going you continue! Oh and a half marathon is definitely doable.

  2. Yes, but my legs are aching … 😦

  3. I love a blog with photos and these ones are great. Fab run too

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