One foot in front of the other

How to deal with teenagers. Janathon Day 28


Today was a very blowy and blustery day. I tried to dodge the showers at lunch time and went for a walk – but not as far as I had hoped.

Here’s a pic to show that January can still be quite colourful.

When I got home from work and found the fridge pretty much empty, it seemed only sensible to combine a little extra exercise with going shopping.
But hubby had other ideas. He feels strongly – and I take his point – that our teenage son (18 years old!) should take some responsibility and go out to buy some essentials when he comes home from school and find the fridge empty … rather than wait for his mum to come home.
My husband is not wrong and I must admit that because I like to go and get some fresh air, I have become a willing after-work-grocery-shopper.

So I didn’t go to the shops. I went for a walk instead. Exercise done, but fridge still empty!

Walk 6K
Yoga 30 mins

Total stats for week 4:
Walk 24K
Run 32K
Ride 17K
Yoga 30 mins
Weights 60 min


6 thoughts on “How to deal with teenagers. Janathon Day 28

  1. Oooh, a mystery,what happens next in ‘Fridgegate’?

  2. Would he buy the sorts of things you would or just rubbish?

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