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Snow. Janathon Day 29


Today should have been an office day, so I went to work by bike – despite the fact that snow was forecast for the end of the day. The morning was beautiful, clear and cold.


As it happened an urgent home visit came up, so I ended up cycling back home mid-morning to pick up the car. 12K cycled anyway … and I didn’t need to worry when the snow started coming down in the afternoon. It didn’t stick (not yet, anyway), which I am more than happy about.

A brief look at the stats shows me that I am only 10K away from beating last year’s running effort during Janathon. And three more days to achieve it.

At the point of writing this I am contemplating joining (another) running group this evening in near-zero temperatures and more snow forecast. Hubby thinks I’m mad. What do you think?

Update to follow…

Update at 8 pm: I did it! Joined the running club. No more snow. A little icy in parts though, so we took it easy. 7.5K – only 2.5K away from a new Janathon running record!

Run 7.5K
Ride 12K


4 thoughts on “Snow. Janathon Day 29

  1. you can do it!

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