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The finishing line. Janathon Day 31


I won’t tell you how long it is since I have cleaned the house properly, because if I did you would want to distance yourself from me.
Truth is, I don’t need much of an excuse do skip housework – and Janathon has been the perfect excuse!

In the end a sense of health and safety awareness kicked in and I spent most of the morning working out with broom, mop and duster.

In the process I found two guitar plectrums, a dog-eared copy of ‘Dirk Gently’ s Holistic Detective Agency’ and £7.55. That must be some kind of record.


I didn’t do very much exercise today. Mostly, because since yesterday I am officially in training for a 10K run at the beginning of March and according to my training schedule today is a rest day. Proper work starts tomorrow.

I am following the training plan from ActionAid, which I have used before and found very useful. I am hoping to follow the plan for Advanced runners, although I am certainly not aiming for a sub 50 minutes. In my world that’s humanly impossible!
So instead of running I’m doing Yoga today.

I walked to the shops with hubby. On the way home we had a coffee/chai latte at the local cafe and called it a date.
Then I delivered another #ToriesMustGo beanie on foot.

Walk 5K
Yoga 30 mins

Total stats for Janathon 2015 (In italics are last year’s stats)

Walk 104.5K (80K)
Run 103.5K (101K)
Ride 95K (66K)
Weights 3hrs 40 mins (Jhoom 1hr)
Yoga 1 hr 30 mins (2hrs)

My triumph at reaching the 100K mark for running was slightly marred by the fact that many of you reached 100 miles. Well done you! I guess it’s a good reason for sticking with measuring my runs in kilometres! 😉

In other stats, at the time of writing this my blog has had over 252 visitors, 571 views (mostly from the UK and the US), 226 likes and 141 comments – most from the lovely Shaz and KnitnRun4sanity (check out their blogs).

snowdropI want to thank all you wonderful Janathoners out there for your stories, encouragement and motivation!
I wrote a similar thing last year. Janathon is a great incentive for me to get back into running and to improve my fitness and set new running goals.
But most of all it helps me make it through January, one of the most dreary months! I know spring is not here yet, but we are certainly a step closer…

I will try to keep this blog ticking over, but I make no promises. If I fall off the radar I hope to see you again for Janathon 2016. x


11 thoughts on “The finishing line. Janathon Day 31

  1. I like the idea of stat comparisons with last year.
    Added level of pressure 😉

  2. Great Jansthon! Thanks for the blog. Looking at my stats I can’t help but wonder who in Spain is interested?

  3. amazing kilometers!!! – well done you! and my house has not been cleaned properly since November – in fact it is only getting a good clean because our book club is meeting here on Tuesday (I have taken the day off work to clean) LOL

  4. Please keep blogging, I will interested to follow your journey to 10k! Great stats. X

  5. PS invest the money wisely – lottery?

  6. Thanks for your blog – I’ve really enjoyed reading it, so I hope you do keep it up! Well done on the totals and good luck for the 10K!

  7. Ahh bless you. I hope you don’t disappear for too long, I will miss you and I want to know all about the 10k….the stats are great. Well done you.x

  8. Great Janathon stats, well done! Hope the 10K goes well in March, would be nice to read how you get on 🙂

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