One foot in front of the other

Beyond Janathon


Today was my first training run for the 10K in March. The run is only 5 weeks away, so I am starting at week 2 of my training programme.

Today’s run was an 8K with the aim of recording my pace. All the Janathon running, the treadmill speed work and hill work seems to have paid off.

Previously I would have been pleased with a 6-minute-kilometre, but today I averaged a pace of 5:42 mins/km. My fastest km was 5:08 – and that was the last one! On top of that I must have wasted almost a minute when I got lost on the route, dillied and dallied whilst deciding what to do and then back tracked a bit.

I had planned to follow a stranger’s Map My Run route, because it was recorded as exactly 8K. It was also named ‘dog walk’ and – as I found out – that was significant. Seems dog walkers don’t just stay on the path, but wander off onto grassy verges and into the bushes. As I ran I realised that the plotted 8K dog walk was going to be nearer a 7K run – so had to add some distance on at the end.

I also learned that when in training it may be useful to stay on top of running and not get too distracted by photo opportunities. Although I too a couple of pictures en route. I can’t help it …



2 thoughts on “Beyond Janathon

  1. Love that photo well with stopping for, thanks and well done with that pace

  2. Sounds like a great start. Hope it continues that way.x

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