One foot in front of the other

Running in snow



Today I was scheduled to either do a slow 40 minute run or 25 minutes of fartleks/hill work.
I am busy this evening, so an early morning run was the best option.image

I woke up to an inch of snow – the first real snow we’ve had all winter.
I get incredibly anxious about driving in snow … but running in it doesn’t faze me half as much. As I headed out the snow was still fresh and crunchy, not icy or slippery at all.image

However, fartleks seemed a bit too risky, so I chose a route of gentle hills. The GPS didn’t lock (I am sure I’m not the only runner who gets irrationally irritated about that), but I did just under 5K in roughly 30 minutes.

The scenery was beautiful and it was a joy to run in the cold morning air. Happy running!


3 thoughts on “Running in snow

  1. Aw you have snowdrops emerging round your way – love them!

  2. I bet it was beautiful. I always shove my watch outside for about 5 mins whilst I do my final faff to allow it to find the satellites.

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