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Training plan and Love your NHS


After tinkering around with my training plan, I have finally found one that fits in with my weekly routine and the two local running groups. It goes like this:

Monday: Yoga/core
Tuesday: 30 mins moderate run
Wednesday: Yoga/core
Thursday: 40 mins easy run
Friday: strength circuit in gym + fartleks
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: long run

I will try to keep up with the big boys at the running group on a Tuesday evening. On the treadmill I managed 30 minutes of 8:54 mins/mile yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I can keep it up outdoors. Especially when running in the dark, which still makes me a bit nervous after my bad fall last year.

Yesterday evening my 18-year-old son headed out, saying that “he was going for a walk” (which I thought sounded strange). He came back to tell me that he had gone for a run.
Now, he is slim and athletically built and he likes to play table tennis and kick a ball around with his mates, but he hasn’t done any proper sports for almost 2 years. Neither does he own any sports gear – he had gone running in jeans and converses.

Here is me carefully and slowly training myself up, and he just goes out and runs 4 miles in the dark, without training and without decent gear. I am mildly depressed …

In other news, I am taking part in a Day of Action for the NHS next Saturday. There are different events in different parts of the country, so if you love the NHS and want to show your support, follow the link and see if there is anything near to you.
It has motivated me to design a new beanie. I’ll let you know how it goes. Here’s the chart.NHS


5 thoughts on “Training plan and Love your NHS

  1. I love how your son went for a run in jeans and Converse! I hope he enjoyed it!

  2. Your pace is nothing to be sniffed at! I wish I could keep that pace up for 5 minutes let alone 30.

  3. Will need to see beanie pictures -obviously.
    But hey! Table tennis…not a proper sport!? I’ll have you know i played table tennis for my county and it’s as proper a sport as you’ll ever…. *sniggers mischievously* it’s ok 🙂 I’ve never really played table tennis. I’m not having a go.

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