One foot in front of the other

Back pain



Help! Time to admit it, I’ve had a niggling lower backpain for a week or two now. Although mostly aggravated by sitting, I am sure that my increased running must be a contributing factor.

I’ve decided to go for a swim instead today and focus on yoga and stretching until my next long run on Sunday.


Any other ideas on how to combat lower back pain? All suggestions welcome!




4 thoughts on “Back pain

  1. Sorry to hear that. Would working on core strength help?

  2. No advice really, but once when I had back problems with running it was my trainers.
    Love the crocus photo, spring is on its way, yay

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear that. Maybe engineer reasons to get up from your work desk to avoid sitting down for prolonged reasons. Stretch when you get in, and gentle yoga moves that stretch out the lower back like downward dog and cobra. Nice warm baths/showers to relax tightness in your muscles. My husband is recovering from a herniated disc and he finds standing at work (he only sits in the afternoon) and avoiding too much time in the car helps. Hope it eases up soon.

  4. Sorry that should have said ‘prolonged periods’ not ‘reasons’ – think that was autocorrect!

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