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10K Festival of Running


running Festival of

Yesterday I ran the 10K in the Milton Keynes Festival of Running.
The weather was fine. Cool but dry. But also quite windy.
I found the run pretty hard.
Firstly, there were over 1000 runners and it took a long while for the pack to spread out. The first couple of kilometres were spent weaving in and out of runners – especially as I was trying to keep up with my two running mates. That made it difficult to actually find my own pace and rhythm – very different to our usual steady evening runs.
Then the course was fairly easy and level, and although I found our pace quite fast I didn’t really begin to struggle until kilometre 7 when we turned into the headwind.
Then there is a short sharp hill in Campbell Park, and I actually had to walk for a bit – once in anticipation and then when I got to the top.

To be honest, if anybody else had walked up the hill, I would have walked too. But nobody did and I didn’t want to be the only one. LOL (I bet everybody else thought the same) 😉

Overall I ran at a pace of 5:26, which isn’t at all bad over than distance for me. If I run on my own I usually settle somewhere around the 5:45 mark.
I have really learned the benefit of running with faster runners, who will set a good pace and keep pulling you along.

Distance: 10.20km, time: 55:28, pace: 5:26min/km, speed: 11.03km/h.

Category position: 10/77



4 thoughts on “10K Festival of Running

  1. Impressive time, well done!

  2. Sounds great. I did the mitten Keynes marathon expecting it to be flat only to find that you spend the whole time going up and down underpasses and bridges!

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