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Foodbank Fun Run

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On Sunday I took part in a fun run in aid of Foodbank. I ran with a friend and we kept a pretty good pace.
The second lap was faster than the first. Luckily the weather was fine. Cold, but dry and little  wind (although around the lake it always seems pretty windy).
I  worked pretty hard to keep up with my friend, although she pulled away over the last couple of metres.
So I  thought it pretty funny when she commented afterwards how I had helped keep up her pace. That certainly wasn’t how it seemed to me.

Even better to report that I raised £240 in the process to go towards our local Foodbank. That’s quite a few tins of baked beans!

Distance: 8.22km, time: 44:21, pace: 5:24min/km, speed: 11.12km/h.


One thought on “Foodbank Fun Run

  1. It is funny how often I have that conversation with my friend after a run! Glad you had a good time. X

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