One foot in front of the other

10 miles!


Mile 5

Mile 5

I haven’t blogged here for ages, but I’m stopping by to announce that today I ran 10 miles for the first time! A nice route too, past brooks and along balancing lakes, all the way to the National Bowl and back. Distance: 10.26mi, time: 01:35:19, pace: 9:18min/mi, speed: 6.46mi/h.  Out of curiosity, are any of you joining Junathon?


3 thoughts on “10 miles!

  1. Me – I’m Juneathoning! (Good to see you back, and well done on the 10 miles!)

  2. Wahoo. That is awesome. Good pace too. Undecided about juneathon. Blogging everyday may be a step too far ( as I am currently blogging once a month! )

  3. 10 miles is superb. Under 9 minutes per mile is also good going. You would however, manage 6 minutes per mile if you didn’t stop to pick fruit from the hedgerow!

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