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Janathon is upon us – Day 1

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img_20160101_121025329.jpgOops, January has crept up on us suddenly! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
In preparation I looked at the stats from previous years to remind myself what I am up against. Figures in bold are from 2015, in italics from 2014.

Walk 104.5K (80K)
Run 103.5K (101K)
Ride 95K (66K)
Weights 3hrs 40 mins (Jhoom 1hr)
Yoga 1 hr 30 mins (2hrs)

I am hoping to do as much exercise as possible outdoors. Partly to catch a bit of daylight, partly to avoid the gym – which is bound to be rammed this time of year.
A brief glance at the weather forecast tells me that outdoor exercise might not be a whole lot of fun … but I will see how I go.
I am off work until the 11th, so no excuses!

I must confess that I eased myself into Janathon today.


A 9K walk, which was slightly hampered by the flooding along the river.



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