One foot in front of the other

Day 2 – Rain


Later today we are doing something called “looking at flooring”, so husband had strict instructions to get me out of the house for a run first thing.

He did that valiantly by giving a rousing motivational speech which was only marred slightly by the fact that he was still lying in bed.

Anyway, I stepped out into this:


A bleak wet morning, but it’s not likely to get better.
A few Christmas lights still flashing pathetically in the grey morning light.

I set off towards the park. It wasn’t too cold and there was a steady drizzle. Usually I quite like running in drizzly rain, but this was just a bit too hard to evaporate off my hot little face.

Anyway, the scenery improved slightly and the rain eased off some.


5.5K Run
1K walk (to shops)


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Rain

  1. Well done, “looking at flooring”… what did you do to deserve that?!

    • Well, we started doing up the sitting room exactly a year ago. The last remaining job is the floor. About time we finish it…although we’ve got used to the old paint spattered floorboards…

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