One foot in front of the other

Day 3 – A late run


Another rainy day.
I walked to church, then to the shops and then to the allotment to dig up/pick some leeks and kale for dinner.
All in all 2 kilometres. Nothing to shout about, but I felt a certain Janathon effort had been made.




Later in the day hubby treated me to a trip to Screwfix. Whoop, whoop!

Then I bumbled around and spent some time blogging.
But such is the power of Janathon that in the end – just before it got dark and after the rain had stopped – I dragged myself our for a run. It gave me the chance to try out my new headlights which I got for Christmas.

I don’t often run two days in a row, so tomorrow will probably be a non-run day.

Walk 2K
Run 5K


7 thoughts on “Day 3 – A late run

  1. Never say never. I think you could run tomorrow too. I believe in you

  2. Mm fresh veg sounds fab! I’m sure you could manage a little round the block tomorrow…

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