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Buying running shoes online


What are your thoughts? Is ordering running shoes online a real No No?

I know my size and that I have a neutral running style/gait.


10 thoughts on “Buying running shoes online

  1. I did it, got lucky and did it twice more … love them. Probably not for everyone … but you can send them back…

  2. I usually buy online, been into running shops had gait analysis, didn’t see anything I liked, shopped online for most of my shoes bar one pair that I donated to charity cause they hurt!

  3. I’ve done it twice, fairly pleased both times. Size 10.5 wide fit with over-pronating sole isn’t easy to find in a walk-in shop.

  4. I was a bit cheeky and went into a running shop, found some I liked, used their treadmill to test them out and went home and bought them for £35 cheaper online! This really helped. Saved me money and I got the ones I liked 🙂 Hope you manage to find ones you like!

  5. I get my gait analysed. Made a note of the trainers that suited. Bought 1 pair and then got a couple more online. 😉

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