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Day 6 – Cycling (for a change)

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Today I had a rest from running and did some errands by bike.
It was a grey but dry kind of day.

I had planned to get some new insoles for my running shoes, but didn’t really find the right thing.
It is an undeniable fact that most people seem to get to Go Outdoors NOT by walking or cycling. Which seems ironic.
I’m usually the only person using the bike rack.

I took the long route home. Past the balancing lakes – which are high but not flooded.

I saw a heron which was totally unperturbed by me stopping, turning around, taking a picture and cycling past again.


Ride 15K
Walk 4K


One thought on “Day 6 – Cycling (for a change)

  1. We don’t have a store anywhere near us, not that I would even drive to let alone bike. 😉

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