One foot in front of the other

Day 7 – First week completed


Thursday is Bootcamp day – providing I manage to get out of the house by 6:30 am for a 6:45 start at the gym.
I discovered Bootcamp at the beginning of December and I love it. Hard workout though.
Apart from one other guy, I am older than most Bootcamp members by at least a decade or two – which means I get away with lying down and playing dead once in a while without being shouted at by Enoch.

A quick hop on the scales in the gym (we don’t have bathroom scales at home) told me that I am the same weight I was before Christmas. Which is good to know.

When I got home, hubby suggested that I could meet him at work at lunchtime for a walk together home. “Because it’s your Janathon thing”. Nice idea, and it adds another 4K to the tally.

Thing about Bootcamp on a Thursday is, it tends to leave me very achy on Friday and Saturday.
So in case it rendered me incapacitated tomorrow, I decided to go for a run as well. (I didn’t tell hubby that, because he’d think I’m mad!)

A 5K run which should have been gentle, but didn’t feel gentle.
Now my legs are not happy. Definitely a rest day tomorrow!

Here are the turkeys from hubby’s work.


Lying on the sofa now, watching Father Brown.

The End.

Bootcamp 45 mins
Run 5K
Walk 6K


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – First week completed

  1. That run will have finished your legs off nicely! Good luck getting up in the morning. X

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