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Day 9 – Rain

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Today I woke up to pouring rain. Which was annoying because I really wanted to get my run out if the way as soon as possible, but not quite as badly to get a soaking for it.

I made some bread dough. It was still raining.
I cleaned the bathroom. It was still raining.
I mooched around a bit. It finally started to ease off.

When I set out it was only raining lightly and I set off into the direction that looked less threatening…

In the end i quite enjoyed the run, even if it was a tad damp.
8K in just under 50 minutes. Not a great pace, but my furthest distance this Janathon so far.

Since Yoga is my new friend, I found looked for a new Yoga for Runners video. By Lesley Fightmaster – which I’m not sure is a great name for a Yoga instructor.
I quite like the way the moves flow in this video, although it seems to assume a certain knowledge of Yoga poses.
And boy, am I feeling stiff. Bloody Yogis!

Run 8K
Yoga 30 mins


One thought on “Day 9 – Rain

  1. Go you! We have yet to get the rain but I am sure that it is coming.

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